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The Tor Browser for Android Released On Play Store

Here is the big news.If you concerns about privacy then its your day.Tor browser for android is now officially released on play store and it is available for download.

Tor Browser 8.5 that which you can now download for FREE  on your mobile devices from Google Play Store.

It's the first time that Official version of TOR is released through play store.Tor browser is used by the people to avoid tracking also to be anonymous. The criminals also using TOR to avoid government monitoring. You can now use the official Tor Browser built on Firefox on your mobile device.Tor browser gives a new identify while browsing

Tor Browser for Android is not as complete like its desktop version, but users can use the security features like no proxy bypass, enabled first-party isolation to block cross-site tracking and other anti-fingerprinting defenses.

Tor Project also announced the release of interesting features in the latest Tor Browser version, like extra tabs, new logos, and user interface improvements.

But a sad part to Apple users that TOR browser will miss the IOS platform that Apple restricts all third party application.They can still uses onion network to access to TOR

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