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PHP PEAR site got hacked and package was replaced

Be alert!f you have downloaded PHP PEAR package manager from its official website in past 6 months, then it's highly chance that your server might have been got hacked. the maintainers at PEAR took down the official website of the PEAR ( after they found that someone has replaced original PHP PEAR package manager (go-pear.phar) with a modified version in the core PEAR file system.

The PHP Extension and Application Repository (PEAR) is a community framework and distribution system that allows anyone look and download free libraries written in most popular web language - PHP programming language. This also allows the users to add functions such us authentication , encryption etc and libraries to their projects and websites which is very useful.Linux/unix have preinstalled Pear download manage comes when we installed the php but for windows and mac users it should be download when they want to use it.

Many web hosting companies also provide the users to PEAR,so we can clearly says that the latest breach will cause a great impact over a large number of websites and the users.

PEAR support teams are now doing an investigation into the case.

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