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Did The World's First Ethical Hacking Festival Will Happens in Kerala?

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

After lot's of queries and doubts raised about the World's first Ethical Hacking Festival for the past few weeks got resolved .Now the CEO of Cyber Kings India Mr.Athul Jojo declared that the team Cyber Kings India is planning to conduct the world's first Ethical Hacking festival in Kerala which is a remarkable milestone for the Country.CyberKingsIndia is an organization that developed in 2019 for the making a better face to the Cyber Security.

"Yes, actually we are planning to conduct the the Ethical Hacking Festival in Kerala by inviting the major teams IT companies in India and outside the country and we believes that it will helps the gaint companies to identify the potential of Indian students and their enthusiasm in the field of Cyber Security,it also open a new door of vast opportunities to youngsters.This will surely make a great change to the nation" Said by Athul Jojo (CEO of CyberKingsIndia).

The official declaration will come from the team very soon.Many giant companies from all over the world will come to the Kerala and it will be do in a large canvas which gives the people a new experience.Its really a challenge to do this kind of function in Kerala but it totally open the boundaries of new world of career to our youngsters.

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