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Hackers stole Customers Credit Cards Information from Checkers and Rally's Restaurants

A big alert.If you have swiped your payment card at the popular Checkers and Rally's drive-through restaurant chains or like somewhere in past 2-3 years then now you should urgently  request your bank to block your card and  notice If any suspicious  transaction was done through your card.

Checkers in the United States, founded with a huge data breach that affected an unknown number of customers at 103 of its Checkers and Rally's locations nearly 15% of its restaurants.

The affected restaurants includea name, addresses and exposure dates reside in 20 states including including Florida, California, Michigan, New York, Nevada, New Jersey, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Delaware, Kentucky, Louisiana, Alabama, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, West Virginia and Virginia.

After identified the issue the company had launched a special investigation which revealed that unknown hackers managed to plant malware on its point-of-sale (PoS) systems across 103 stores.

The PoS malware was designed by hackers to collect information stored on the magnetic stripe of payment cards  including cardholder's name, payment card number, card verification code, and expiration date.

Company is working to offer a better security to the users and company recommends customers to check their billing statements, order a credit report, and report any suspicious incident to the Federal Trade Commission.

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